Algorythmic Trading, Crypto

Zetera team created crypto trading platform: Automated Live Trading Algorithmic trading eliminates human emotions that prevent investors’ behavioral problems in holding losses for a longer time and selling profitable securities too early Robot analyzes market, indicators, price action, and makes the most optimal buy/sell decisions Artificial intelligence and machine learning analyzes historical data to find…



Top notch E-commerce solunion for one of the best shapping Mall in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Software Design and requirements

Archtecture and infrastructure

Software development

1C, payment, Apple Pay, email/sms integrations

Smart Merchandising, Big data analysis and customer personalisation

Blockchain & GDPR compliance

In May 2018 every active internet user received hundreds of emails with a request to accept new agreements because of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation’s). But some researches show that in May 2018 most of the companies were no ready to be compliant with the GDPR. The fine is four percent of annual global revenue…


How Blockchain may help businesses

  I recently realized that one of the reasons why most of the business leaders don’t consider Blockchain adoption is because they don’t understand what is it and how their business can use it to solve some specific problems. Here is my point of view why blockchain can be useful in some specific cases. The blockchain is…