Why should you work with us?

Algorythmic Trading, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, E-Commerce

  • Algorythmic Trading, Blockchain, Crypto, AI, ML, Data Science, Fraud Protection, Business Automation, Customer personalization

Business Value Driven Development

  • We build ROI driven technology and R&D teams
  • We measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so
  • We know how to develop software to achieve your business goals

Transparency and Trust

  • You can see how each your dollars are working

Cost-efficient development team

  • We know how to build the best IT team at the most effective cost
  • We can provide many positive references, including the references from the CEO of Hotwire and others

We offer two engagement models

Team extension (Offshoring, Outstaffing, Outsourcing)

  • We hire and set up a team as an extension to your local team
  • Your product team provide requirements and manage product backlog
  • We take care of all your Hiring, Payroll, Taxes, Office rent, Retention, IT support



  • Our work will always meet your expectations
  • Getting work done faster through an experienced and qualified Ukrainian talent pool
  • Save up to 70% on software development costs
  • Hire the top talent within a few weeks

Business Engineering ( Product Development )

  • You share with us your Product Idea and Business Goals
  • Our Product Analyst  together with your business stakeholders create Product Design
  • Together we define Objectives and Key Results of the product



  • Product created to help you achieve your business goals
  • You can focus on your core business operations and we take care of everything else
  • You can always evaluate our work from business results
  • Development is managed and done in Ukraine
  • You don’t need extra managers to boost your software development

Our main focus

Help our clients to achieve maximum results with minimum resources

Maximum results with minimum costs and efforts

Most common feedback from our customers: “Zetera saves our money and helps us achieve our business goals”

Engineering Business

We provide domain experts to help your business grow

Security and safety

Our IT security team protects you and your data

We protect your intellectual property


We provide you full control and visibility on costs and team efforts

We always go the extra miles

We always do more than you ask

Getting work done faster through a Ukrainian talent pool

Zetera CEO's experience

Andrey Zupko, CEO Zetera LLC

Andrey has helped many startups and big enterprises to build great development teams. Some of them: